Programming languages:

C, C++,Qt, Ada, Java, Eclipse Plugin developement

Developement Plattforms:

Eclipse, Gnat Pro Studio, MicrosoftVisual Studio

Special Tools:

cpuset for managing cores with the linux realtime patch


VIMIC reflective memory card for fast communication in a LAN network

Operatiing Systems:

Linux, TRU64, HP-Unix, Solaris, Windows, VxWorks

Process Model

We join you for the entire project, from the planning until the acceptance Test. Ideal we proceed according to the V-model. First, we will discuss your needs, and build a prototype. Each item will be tested with unit tests. The individual components are developed iteratiev, i.e. we always discuss with you the progress and possible refinements are Implemented and tested. After the integration of the components in the overall system, we support you from system testing to acceptance. Thus, you are guaranteed a best quality of our software.